What would it look like in your business if you could…

Generated new leads daily on autopliot without you have to learn all the technical strategies to do so

Having an automated email workflow that nurtures leads and shows them that you ar the expert at your field

Get back to doing the things you love to do in your business, instead of the boring work that sucks away all of that beautiful coaching energy that should be reserved for your clients.

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Let me build your Sales system. Generate leads while you sleep!

What's included in this service?


60 min strategy Session where we determine the best lead magnet or evergreen webinar for your business and map out all of the moving parts.


Lead magnet PDF design


Landing page design


Thank you page design


Integrations: We will make sure that all your tools are connected together


Email Workflow and Automations: We will write the copy and automate your 3 email welcome series


Testing of the entire funnel


30 days of email support

Value: $8,000

Your Investment: $2,997

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Coaching By Bria

Lanisha was amazing. I hired her to automate my backend task. I was tired of being disorganized. As I was heading into my busy season, I knew it was time to get my business in order. I now have a straightforward process from onboarding to offboarding. I have several tasks automated which is saving me TONS of time. I didn't have time to figure out things and implement them. Thank God I found Lanisha! Would highly recommend her.

Quincee Booker

I was becoming burned out and inefficient with doing everything my business required of me. Working with B.E Crowned was an investment that I'm not actually sure I can do business without at this point. Not only did my business thrive, so did my overall quality of life.

System Strategist & Operations Manager

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners—from a variety of industries—to free them from doing routine tasks and help them streamline their businesses.

I'm Lanisha, Owner of B.E Crowned. I am Systems Strategist and Online Business Manager. I have over 10 years of experience as a Registered Nurse which includes creating workflows, automation, and processes. I currently run my business on 3 hr/day due to the automation I have created.

I am a mom of three girls, a spunky labrador, and a husband of 10 years. I love a good cup of coffee and a Disney Classic.

I understand the struggle of growing a business and feeling like you have to be the one DOING EVERYTHING. When I added systems and automation to by business, it changed everything.

Each of my clients requires a unique level of support, but they all have one thing in common: they desire to grow their business but feel overwhelmed because of too much work on their hands.

If you’re in the same situation and looking for someone to ease your burden, look no further. I’m your go-to strategist for whatever you need help with: CRM Set Up Services: Automating your Client Experience, Onboarding, Fulfilment, and Offboarding, Sales Funnels and Operations Mangers needs such as team management, project management, client relationship management tool setups, and beyond. My goal is to become your best possible partner and help you build the business and life that you want.

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Apply for the this Done For Sales Funnel Service Today