B.E. Crowned offers three Signature Services


Done For You: Client Relationship Management Optimization

Dubsado Set Ups is our Signature Service that assists coaches, consultants, and other service-based entrepreneurs with transforming their businesses by streamlining their processes, automating their tasks, and enhancing their client experience.

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Online Business Management Services

This service is for female coaches and consultants who need to get out of the day-to-day operations and receive assistance from an OBM with operations fulfillment, business automation strategy, and project/team management.


"Operations Makeover"

This service is created for businesses to want to streamline their and upgrade their backend systems. The operations Makeover provides a comprehensive strategy roadmap with the option to add a done for you software set up. This not only gives you the framework to set up your operations but gets you out of the day to day work, hire with confidence, & align your daily work with the goals you have for your business.

On-Demand Workshops

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